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Turn your Walls into Advertising Space or Works of Art!

Wall Graphics are a great new way to turn your walls into works of art! You can also use wall graphics to advertise your latest sale, promotions and direct people where they need to go. They can be used for outdoor promotional applications on windows, doors, bus shelters, signs boards, and much more! They can also be used indoors as a great replacement for wall paper, or for wall murals and to display your favorite quotes.

Wall Graphic Samples

Wall Graphic Quote - "other things may change, but we start and end with family"Wall Graphic Quote "Soak your cares away"

Wall Graphics Design Options

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  2. Design Assistance - work with our graphic designers to get a custom wall graphic
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Wall Graphic Material

Our wall decals/graphics are printed on either a 3 mil standard tack or extreme tack adhesive vinyl material.

The standard tack vinyl not only provides reliable UV protection and scratch resistance but also ensures remarkable durability and longevity. When applied and maintained correctly, it can endure outdoor conditions for up to 5 years, promising enduring quality and performance.

The extreme tack vinyl is meticulously designed to excel on low-energy surfaces, offering unmatched adhesion, UV protection, and scratch resistance through its advanced lamination. With proper application and maintenance, expect this premium vinyl material to endure for 3–5 years, ensuring long-lasting quality and performance.

Wall graphics are ideal for finished surfaces that are flat, smooth and clean. Examples include sealed walls, displays, glass, film, cabinets, metal and plastic.

  • 52" max print width
  • Photographic print quality
  • Hides wall imperfections and reduces surface glare from bright lights
  • Excellent opacity and tear strength

Click here to request a sample packet of materials.

Additional Wall Graphic Information

  • 3 mil standard tack adhesive vinyl material
  • 52" max print width
  • Can be die cut, kiss cut, or transfer cut to the design being printed
  • Opaque print surface that is water resistant and OBA free
  • Leaves little or no adhesive residue

Wall Graphic Applications

The matte wall graphic material hides wall imperfections and reduces the surface glare from bright lights. Wall graphics work best on clean, finished, smooth surfaces. Ideal surfaces include sealed walls, displays, glass, film, metal, and plastic. We do not recommend using wall graphics on wood as it can peel off the finish. 

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Wall Graphic Cut Options

Die-Cut decal


Die-cut means that we are cutting through both the vinyl decal material and the paper backing. This cut type doesn't leave any material around the decal. Another way to look at it is to think of it like a "cookie cutter." Your decals are all individually cut out to the contour of your design, so you have individually cut decals with no paper material around the design.

* Please note, Back slit (crack and peel) is only available on decals 3" x 3" up to 12" x 12" *

If selected on sizes larger than 12" x 12" your decals will not be backslit

Kiss Cut Decal


Kiss-cut means we are only cutting through the vinyl layer ("decal material") and not cutting through the paper backing, leaving a paper material border around your decal. When you choose a kiss-cut decal, you will have extra material around your decal for easy peeling.


Transfer Cut Decal


Transfer cut option means that we will be cutting the vinyl decal material to a specified shape, graphic or text and then removing or “picking” any excess or unwanted vinyl material from your design leaving no vinyl background on your decal. We then place a transfer tape over the top of the remaining pieces of vinyl. This tape is what holds all the individual cut pieces of your decal design once you remove the paper backing from your decal. It also allows you to place multiple individual pieces of vinyl decal material on your desired surface cleanly and evenly.

* Vector File (EPS or Ai – Adobe Illustrator) format needed for Transfer Cut decals. *

Transfer Cut / Pick Charge

Transfer cut price includes 8 standard picks with a Maximum of 40 picks per sq. foot.

Additional picks are $0.02 to $0.04 per pick depending on difficulty/intricacy.

Intricately cut decals will be custom quoted based on difficulty and time required to pick.

For more information on our transfer cut guidelines click here.

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Artwork Specifications

See our Artwork Specifications page for more information

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Artwork Proofs and Approvals

There are two ways to order wall graphics online:

  1. Upload a File
  2. Let us Design

When you select the "upload a file" option, you can have your order go straight to production, or you can request to have a customer service representative send you a proof of your order. The "Let us Design" option will automatically have a proof sent to you for approval. 

The proof will include all the information about your order, including artwork, pricing, finishing options, and shipping information. You must approve this proof before your order will go into production. Your credit card will only be charged after you approve your order.

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Production Time Tables

We provide flexible production time ranges for you to choose from. Because it's important for you to have ultimate control over your order, our production times range from one to five business days. This allows you to make the final decision on when you need your order.


3 Business Days Standard:

This is our most popular fast turnaround option. Free and speedy enough for almost any custom order.

3 Business Day Standard Infographic

  • Orders approved after 5:00 PM CST will be processed the following business day,
  • Emergency/same day rushes are available in some cases, Please speak with a customer service representative today for more information,
  • Note: The time it will take to receive your product includes the production time as well as the shipping time.
  • Turnaround starts from the time the file upload is complete. If an order is flagged in our prepress department or a proof is requested awaiting approval, turnaround starts from the time the approval is given.


5 Business Days Saver:

If you’re not in a rush, then you can save some money by choosing our 5-Days Saver option.

5 Business Day Saver

  • Orders approved after 5:00 PM CST will be processed the following business day,
  • Emergency/same day rushes are available in some cases, Please speak with a customer service representative today for more information,
  • Note: The time it will take to receive your product includes the production time as well as the shipping time.
  • Turnaround starts from the time the file upload is complete. If an order is flagged in our prepress department or a proof is requested awaiting approval, turnaround starts from the time the approval is given.

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This product is made in our Minnesota facility ONLY.

The shipping cost is determined using the weight of the package and the shipping method that you select.

We also offer economy shipping as an option. We have a selection of economical courier services that we use for domestic shipping. If you have any questions about shipping, please contact customer service prior to ordering: phone: 320-391-5295.

  • Economy (5-10 Business Days)
  • Standard (3-5 Business Days)
  • Three Day (3 Business Days)
  • Two Day (2 Business Days)
  • Overnight (1 Business Day)

Economy Shipping

If choosing economy shipping please add in additional postal information such as P.O. Box in the "Address Two" field on the checkout page to help ensure delivery.

Using economy shipping can also add an additional 5 - 10 days, depending on where the package is being shipped to.

You will receive a tracking number once your package has been shipped.

*During peak times ground shipments may take an extra day or two depending on production schedules as all packages with upgraded shipping do take priority. Please order early and discuss your particular needs with our customer service representatives so we can meet your individual requirements.

Wholesalebannerz.com ships throughout the United States and Internationally. Please note: all international shipments must have shipping labels as well as customs documentation provided by the customers. We will only accept international shipping labels from the following carriers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Contact a customer service rep today for more information.

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Wall Graphic Samples

Here are some samples of wall graphics that we have printed for customers. 

Wall Graphics for your Home

Live Laugh Love - Circle Home Family Blessing Start and End with Family
Live Laugh Love Wall Graphic Home Family Blessing Wall Graphic Start and End with Family Wall Graphic
Bless Wall Graphic - Blue Blessed Wall Graphic - Tan Take Your Breath Away
Bless Wall Graphic with blue background Blessed Wall Graphic with Tan background Life Quote Wall Graphic Sample

Wall Graphics for the Bathroom

Bath Time Got Soap Soak Your Cares Away
Bath Time Wall Graphic Got Soap Wall Graphic Soak Your Cares Away Wall Graphic

Wall Graphics for the Kitchen

Wine Bottles Wall Graphic
Wine Bottles Wall Graphic


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Why won’t my wall graphics stick?

Problems with wall graphics sticking are likely due to the paint you’re using.  Most modern paints contain something called no-VOC or low-VOC components. Which basically means it is more fire retardant, and smudge proof. The higher the VOC in something, the easier it burns. 

3M says, ”Paints that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are now the most commonly available wall paint. These newer paint formulations are being driven by laws intended to help protect the environment – something we can all appreciate. However, the new paint formulations have reduced how well a film’s adhesive can adhere to a painted wall. “

3M also says that, “With the rapidly changing  formulations of paints, there is no single film or adhesive from any film manufacturer that works best on all painted surfaces.”

Wall graphics may also not stick due to the wall texture and temperature fluctuations. Test them out by ordering a sample packet.

Can I reposition my wall graphic?

Our wall graphics may be repositionable at the time of application. However, once the graphic is fully applied it will maintain its position and cannot be reused or repositioned.  

Will these graphics ruin my walls or paint?

With proper application and removal, standard tack vinyl wall graphics shouldn't damage your walls, paint, or wallpaper. However, be cautious with extreme tack adhesive wall graphics, as they may cause damage upon removal. These high tack wall graphics are intended for surfaces that require extra adhesion due to high VOC paints.

It's worth noting that leaving a decal on a wall for an extended period may result in some paint peeling when you remove it.

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